Construction Management

Campbell Architects are experienced with almost every type of delivery system available. Our experience is that the most important element to a successful working relationship is RESPECT for the knowledge and expertise each team member brings to the project. Our ability to COLLABORATE and LISTEN has helped us develop lifelong relationships with the builders we have worked with on past projects. We all share a common love of building and creating a team approach from the outset reduces the risk and conflicts because of the respect for the people who assemble our ideas with us.

Management Principals

Project management in today’s design and construction marketplace can take many forms.  It is in large part dependent upon the complexity of the project, the chosen delivery method, the composition of the design team, required owner review processes, and a host of other variables.  Campbell Architects maintain a project management system that is adaptable and flexible to the nuances of your project, while providing a clear armature for design excellence, quality assurance and quality control, and consultant collaboration.  Just as our work with the client is collaborative and consensus-based, our management approach is built on collaboration and trust.

Schedule Management

Achieving deadlines is a product of team organization, ability and effort.  We have assembled a team with a track record of meeting design and documentation deadlines.  Our process begins with establishing clear project boundaries.  This gives us the ability to work efficiently toward critical milestone dates.  We will work hard in our efforts on your behalf and expect to be held accountable for our responsibilities and strive to meet all reasonable deadlines.

Schedule management is inextricably tied to cost management and is an equally important part of our process.  We think of the schedule as being composed of two major parts:  design and construction.  Although we appreciate the opportunity to contribute our thoughts to the construction schedule, we see the CM/GC as the owner of this information.

Quality Control / Document Control

Coordination with multi-disciplinary consultants is critical to assure a complete and comprehensive set of construction documents. By creating preliminary schedules with dates for completion of progress drawings as well as scheduling introductory goal-oriented meetings, the team of consultants, as well as the Architect, would be aware of all deadlines and potential areas of concern. Utilizing this type of organization, the CA Team has been successful with projects finishing on schedule as well as identifying and solving potential areas of concern prior to construction.

The CA Team has assembled a skilled group of professionals that will evaluate the Tribe’s needs, assess the code requirements, analyze the site conditions, and collaborate with you to design the best facility for your budget.  All aspects of the building’s function, aesthetics, safety, sustainability, energy efficiency, interior design, constructability, maintenance requirements, and expandability will be considered during the project life.  We are confident our Architects and Engineers have the experience, passion, and respect the Piute Members expect and deserve.

Quality has been the basis for our firms’ success, and it remains non-negotiable on every project, in every deliverable. Quality Assurance always gets down to the basics. Quality work can only be done by quality personnel. This means that all work must be done and supervised by competent, properly trained people. Thorough checking of all work is performed by an Architect or Engineer who knows how to build buildings, evaluate the use of materials, and who are familiar with the client’s needs, program, and budget. This process emphasizes information sharing to ensure every phase of design receives the review and input from team members with appropriate expertise, quality review to increase exposure and proactively address potential issues, and clearly defined responsibilities to do it all with maximum efficiency.